A musician with over 20 years of experience and a computer with Linux. That's what it boils down to. The result: conventional, decent song-writing, with an eclectic tinge because of the choice to not walk the threaded paths coupled with an autodidactic background, an outspoken personal taste and an open-minded worldview.

Direct Downloads

Cala Del Aceite
The Speeding Train
Leave It All Behind
Money Or Love


Bow Down (live with a Raspberry Pi)
The Speeding Train (screencast)
Money Or Love (screencast)
Unaware Of A Direction (screencast)
Slow Down (live @ LAC2013)
Leave It All Behind (live @ LAC2013)
Nervous Walking (live @ LAC2013)
Unaware Of A Direction (live @ LAC2011)
Money Or Love (live @ LAC2011)


Pneuman - Move Along (DJ AutoStatic Remix)
A Dream It Seems (demo)